Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Power of Advocacy - part 2

After meeting with the district level of our technology team, which I discussed in my last blog, I decided it was time to talk with my building principal. This was a result of not only attending the Keystone Summit but being involved with Classrooms For the Future (CFF) and the emBedded Learning Academy associated with it.

Having been involved with all of these, I began to recognize the need for some wide-ranging changes in my building, and amongst those was the fact that too few teachers were being exposed to the transformation happening with education in the 21st Century. How could the word be transmitted to the masses? How could we work to get everyone on staff on the same page so we were all working towards the same goals? My plan when meeting with the principal was to introduce the idea of having an educational component to monthly faculty meetings; in other words, make the meetings less informative and more didactic.

We were on the same page! Based on his involvement with CFF, he had reached the same conclusion. We’ve already scheduled a second meeting, this time involving the assistant principals as well, and I’ve suggested some topics for the first couple months. I suspect we will also branch out to address some Learning Focused School issues as the school year wears on, but we’ll definitely be moving the faculty and staff in the direction of 21st Century education.

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