Saturday, September 20, 2008

K12 Online Conference

Hey there. I've been gone for the summer and am hoping to find some time to keep up my blog as the school year wears on, continuing to talk about technology integration in the classroom. Along those lines, I would like to take a moment to talk about a great education conference that will be taking place during the last two weeks of October, the K-12 Online Conference.

The conference explores many aspects of education and teaching with numerous individuals sharing 20 minute presentations on a wide range of topics. This year's conference strands include the following: Getting Started, Prove It!, Kicking It Up a Notch, and Leading the Change. Each strand will be keynoted by a leader in the field, and then each day the stand is active, presentations will be released in both video and audio formats for individuals to download and consume at their own pace. A culminating live conversation, a Fireside Chat, will take place at the end of both week 1 and week 2 of the conference.

I was honored to be selected to present as part of this year's conference in the Kicking it Up a Notch strand. Sometime during week 2 of the conference, my presentation on Backchanneling in the Classroom will go live. I invite all of you to check out not only my presentation but also all of the presentations in all of the strands when the conference kicks off.

For now, here's a teaser for my presentation.

Check out K-12 Online Conference page for more information about the entire conference.

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Lori said...

Hi, Scott,
I tagged you in the "7 Things you Don't Need to Know About Me" meme....
If you are too busy or choose not to participate, that's fine :)